Sleeves Up is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organisation that presents a platform for the millions of young Nigerians across the nation and beyond that are tired of just "talking the talk", who are now ready to "walk the walk". This platform creates an opportunity for us to come together, go beyond the challenges of the nation, and step into the level of proffering solutions. We are committed to making CHANGES driven by the simple notion that youth have the capacity to affect the state of affairs in this country, if they stop the TALKING and start the DOING.

Our Success

Our success is measured by the number of young people we are able to connect with, who then in turn connect with others with the simple message, "If anything needs doing, roll up your sleeves and DO IT". We are simply raising a people that believe the truth in the words of Albert Einstein that: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing". We are raising the "Do It Generation"!!!

Our Strategy

To achieve this, Sleeves Up has 10 young and vibrant professionals from all works of life as its core team. They have come together from different states, different tribes, different background, and different profession but with one thing in common, all Nigerians! Our unity is found in the differences we see around us and our drive is the bright future we are pregnant with for our nation. Up to this point, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We are done talking about what is wrong with our nation. We are shaping ourselves for what can be right for and with the country Nigeria. We feel a real sense of responsibility, never to forget the labour of our heroes past but urgently obey the call of this fatherland. Each of us is but only one. We cannot do everything, but still we can do something; and because we cannot do everything, we will not refuse to do the "something" that we can do. For "well done" is better than "well said". To achieve this, we only want to do one thing, roll up our sleeves and DO!

Our Call

Every young person that at one time in his or her life worn a long sleeve outfit can respond to our call. From the plains of Minna, to the hills of Idanre. From the red roof city of Ibadan to the rock city of Abeokuta. From the plateau of quiet city of Jos to the Atlantic City of Lagos, from the oil-rich Niger-Delta to the Agriculturally endowed city of Kano. Every boy or Girl, every man or woman, every tribe, every ethnic group; change starts with us. Though we have different tribes, ethnical groups, languages, not least beliefs, we are now united by one purpose, one reason, one mandate; Sleeves Up!!!Vision To raise a generation of young Nigerians who TALK LESS and DO MORE

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