To continuously plan, implement and sustain projects that will build a solid network of like-minded young Nigerians resolved to being masters of positive change and not victims of deteriorative change by developing various initiatives in our skill development centers and operational school clubs.

To plan and implement projects that affect the community positively such as registration and voting awareness campaigns, charity initiatives and the education of young people on leadership skills, public service, government, patriotism, integrity and other current relevant issues by serving as an information repository through direct and interactive media.

To constantly mobilise youths between the ages of 18 – 35 years, creating awareness between that age group of their rights and obligations, reorientation of their attitudes towards governance and providing a platform for making a change in the Nigerian polity such that they can mentor and groom more 18-35 year olds on values that promote community and national development.

To address different issues, as and when relevant, by motivating young people to roll up their sleeves and act as opposed to just talking, as well as raising funds to support or implement community development projects through their investments in sustainable youth-driven ideas and a recognition of achievements to that end.

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