About us

Sleeves Up

Our customers look to us to help with scalable and predictable growth - giving the investment community confidence in their business model. We are not sales and marketing consultants in the traditional sense - we are entrepreneurs just like you.  Our 11 point framework covers all aspects of revenue generation for early stage companies. This is the same proven framework we have used within the three businesses we have founded ourselves. 


Aaron Biddar

Aaron has founded 3 successful start ups leading to over $60 Million in exits and $25 million capital raised

Scott Miller

Scott is a 20 year Sales and Marketing Veteran growing Start Ups from $0 - $10 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

Colin Day

A trusted advisor, assisting the CEO, CMO and CSO in driving transformation, operational excellence and growth

Venture partners

AIM Group

 The Go To Source for Early Stage Funding in the Southeast.

Shadow Ventures

Changing how Start Ups Start and Investors Finish!