Channel Management 


  • Strategy - How much of your revenue / product / personnel support the channel?
  • Channel list - Companies that will solicit your product to their customers
  • Partner Portal - Tool to show how to drive revenue with your product
  • Web Presence - Promote your partner program on your website

Key Performance Indicators 


  • MQL’s per rep / org - Marketing Qualified Leads need to make plan
  • Demos per rep / org - Web Presentations need to make plan
  • Total Pipeline per rep / org - The sum of all Opportunities
  • Commitment per rep / org - The sum of all Opportunities forecasted to close
  • Renewal Rate - Percentage of Customers renewing their contracts
  • NPS Score - Overall Satisfaction of customer base
  • YTD Attainment - How much revenue the company booked to plan 

Human Capital


  • Onboarding - Procedure to train new personnel and make them productive
  • Compensation Planning - KPI focused to drive revenue production
  • Personnel



  • CRM - Tracks customers, opportunities, leads, tasks, and reporting
  • MAP - Marketing tool to send emails, track web activity, score leads
  • SDR Tools - Tool to execute multi-touch demand generation campaigns 
  • Web Conference - Tool used for web conferencing
  • Sales Enablement - Repository for training, videos, and documentation
  • Sales Intelligence - Provides Contacts and Companies for sales / marketing
  • Social Media Management - Publish and Monitor Social Media