Sales Development 

  • Outbound Campaigns - Multi-touch, multi-media, tailored content to secure the necessary appointments needed to make KPI’s
  • Inbound Optimization - Ensure inbound inquiries are quickly and systematically converted to appointments
  • SDR to AE hand off procedure - Ensure the prospect attends the meeting and the AE is prepared to deliver a tailored demo

Sales Process


  • Demand Generation - Development for Key Accounts and Account Based Selling Activities 
  • Discovery - Ensure the prospect is a good fit and identify pain
  • Demo - Scripted to accentuate differentiation and alleviate pains
  • Proof of Concept - Show the prospect how your solution will deliver value
  • Proposal  - E-signature 
  • Commitment - Opportunity must meet criteria to forecast a deal for closing
  • Closed Won - 

Account Management


  • Kick Off - Both Sales and Account Management are on the call to ensure successful hand-off
  • Monthly Usage - Share success with Customers / Executives
  • Account Health Score - Assess the overall satisfaction and renewal of customer
  • Quarterly Updates - Meetings to discuss relationship / direction 
  • Renewal - Begin Renewal Discussions 90 days out